Hulu Login

Hulu Login.

Help with Hulu and Hulu Plus login problem, customer service phone numbers and contacts, the cost of the Hulu subscription service, registration help and much more.


Hulu Plus is an video subscription service that streams TV shows online ABC, CBS, BET, FOX, SHOWTIME, MTV, NBC, VH-1 and Comedy Central.

The Hulu service lets people sign in and stream shows as many times as they want, in  HD quality, and on all electronic devices.

Is Hulu Free?

Hulu is not free. All their plans has a subscription fee. Hulu  reached 12 million subscribers in 2016.


Hulu price plans are (2017-2018):

  • Limited commercials:  $7.99/month.
  • No Commercials: 11.99/month.

SHOWTIME is available for an additional $8.99/month, which is cheaper than Showtime’s own subscription plan.

Free Hulu Trial. is still offering a 1 week Free Trial service service for new customers.

Registration for

Visit the Registration Page, and choose a plan. You can create an account with your Facebook page or by entering your email address, a password, your name and date of birth.


Hulu Login Help.

Follow these steps if your are having login problems..

Visit the the Login page on

Type in your emailaddress in the “Email” box in the top center of the page.

Enter your password in the “Password” box and click ‘log in’.

Log in to Hulu with Facebook.

  • Visit Hulu’s login page.
  • Click on the blue ‘Log in with Facebook’ button below the password box.
  • Click on the “OK” button at the bottom, so that you accept Hulu’s terms of service.

Log in to Hulu Plus on Mobile Phones.

Download the Hulu Plus app on your mobile device to login from your phone. The app can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows, and Amazon phones.


To login in to a Hulu Plus account phones and iPads, simply click on the green Hulu App icon on your mobile phone screen, activate the ‘Log in’ button, and enter your email address and password.

Touch the “Log in” button again.

Hulu Login
Make sure you are on the right login page when accessing your Hulu account, to avoid any fake login pages. The correct login page on a desktop/laptop computer will look like the image above, and the correct login url is

I cannot log in to my Hulu account.

Most likely the password or the email address is incorrect. If you do not see a login box at all on the login page, then you might have a pop-up tool installed that interferes with the login box. Set the pop-up program to OFF, while logging in.

Visit the Forgot Login page to recover your login info.

I have forgotten my Hulu password.

Use Hulu’s Forgot Password page to reset the Hulu password. Enter your email address, and a password reset email will be sent to your email address.

The password reset link will last for 3 hours. Also, keep in mind that a valid password must be at least 6 characters long.

I have forgotten my Hulu Email Address.

Call or email the Hulu customer service support to recover your email address. Provide your first and last name, and other names on the account. Provide the email address you signed up with.

Also, you must provide the last four digits of the credit card used for for subscription. Tehn, you must provide the number on your bank statement directly after HLU*HULU.

If you forgot your email address, then call at 1-888-701-9961 to reach the email recovery department.

Hulu Customer Service Support.

Hulu customer service phone and chat support is available to all Hulu subscribers from 5AM – 10PM PT everyday.
The customer service phone number for Hulu is 1-877-485-8411.

You can also Log in to your account and visit to speak with Hulu directly.

Contact Hulu’s dedicated social support team on Twitter and Facebook is another fast option.

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Hulu Login
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